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Deliah Iris Designs

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Something Individual, Something Unique. Something to Talk About With Your Family and Friends.

Why Unique?  Delilah Iris Designs was born out of love and the need to stay close to family. This little business started as arts and crafts time with her kids and quickly evolved into something beautiful.  Days are now filled with brainstorming new toy ideas with the kids, then creating them from scratch and creating patterns for these creations so that others could learn and enjoy.

The Design: Delilah Iris Rainbow Unicorn.

The Designer: Delilah Iris Designs

State and Country of Origin: Maine, USA


Description:  Create your very own mystical, magical and enchanting stuffed unicorns!  These DIY unicorn sewing kits contain everything you could need to make your own plushy, all wrapped up in a neat kraft paper box.

What’s inside:

  • wool felt & unicorn sewing pattern
  • tutorial download instructions
  • yarn
  • doll eyes
  • embroidery thread
  • toy stuffing
  • chenille wire


These felt craft kits are meant to be hand stitched. Basic sewing skills are recommended. However, felt is a very forgiving medium! Mistakes are easy to cover up or simply do-over!  If you are new to hand sewing, no worries! Each kit comes with a basic hand stitching guide.

Size: 9 inches tall

Returns: Free returns within 30 days if returned unused, in the same condition and within original packaging.

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Shipping cost: free

Duty. Customs Charges: zero

Price: best web price

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