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Firebird Russian Dolls UK

FirdBird Workshop - 5 Pieces. Nightmare on Elm Street.

FirdBird Workshop - 5 Pieces. Nightmare on Elm Street.

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Not Suitable for children over the age of 3 years old. The smaller parts can be a choking hazard to children aged 3 and under. Adult supervision is always recommended.

100% Hand-Made

Manually crafted by some of Russia's finest masters of woodcarving, design, and lacquering, this matryoshka set is a blend of tradition, luxury, and craftsmanship transcended across generations.

5 pieces doll - h=18cm (7 inches) d=9cm (3,54 inches)

The Nightmare Before Christmas by the legendary Tim Burton.

One of our Firebirdworkshop family members loves Tim Burton's movies and character designs.

So her mum decided to surprise her, and she asked us to make this nesting doll for her daughter with this cartoon's characters.

We used pictures of the main characters, and our master painted Jack, Jack & Sally, Santa Claus, little kids Lock Shock & Barrel, and the ghost dog Zero on a 7" stacking doll.

This Matryoshka is made of:

  • Durable Linden tree wood with very little grain;
  • Long-lasting tempera paint to keep the colors vibrant and vivid forever;
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly, VOC-free, Finnish water-based lacquer to enhance the grain and shine, adding a layer of protection to maintain our dolls' fresh look.
  • All materials used are entirely organic and eco-friendly, so the dolls are entirely safe for babies' games.

Its timeless artwork, impeccable detailing, and top-notch craftsmanship make this nesting doll set an elegant lovely nursery decor item.

  • Embrace personality, splendor, and exclusivity in your kid's interior decor with this masterfully handcrafted set of Russian dolls.
  • The idea of this listing is to show you just one example of a great gift idea for your kid.
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