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Marilia Capisani

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Something Individual, Something Unique. Something to Talk About With Your Family and Friends.

Why Unique?  The main characteristic of Marília Capisani pieces is the use of different materials, such as stones, leather, horns, wood, acrylics and resins. The combination of these elements creates a unique and relaxed piece. Messing with the senses and producing emotions are its main objectives.

The Design: Golden fillet bracelet.

The Designer:  Marilia Capisani 

Country of Origin: Spain


Description:  Silicone bracelet and gold-plated metallized threads.

Materials: Silicone bracelet and gold-plated metallized threads

Size: 18 cm or 6 cm in diameter


Returns: Free returns within 30 days if returned unused, in the same condition and within original packaging.

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Shipping cost: free

Duty. Customs Charges: zero

Price: best web price

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